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Open Minds provides a much needed, holistic approach to mental health 
by offering mental health therapy and prescription management from our team of six nurse practitioners.

Individualized Mental
Healthcare Plans

Full-Spectrum Therapy
and Pharmacology

Provider Accessibility
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Bridging the gap between mental health therapy and medication...

Open Minds facilitates communication between mental health therapists and prescribing doctors, bridging the gap that can lead to miscommunication, uncoordinated care, inappropriate therapeutic methods, and misaligned diagnoses in mental health therapy.
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Holistic Approach

Medication is one aspect of mental health and therapy is the other. Utilizing both therapeutic methods and pharmacology (if needed) will yield better, more sustainable results for you.

Knowledgeable Providers

Open Minds has experienced Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) who serve the community. These providers understand neurological and therapeutic approaches to mental health, and can provide comprehensive care for their patients.
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Psychiatric providers and mental health therapists should communicate to provide you with the best solutions, but too often this doesn’t happen. At Open Minds, you will receive the most cohesive, individualized plan of care without the back-and-forth.
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Open Minds has really help me develop the skills and gave me the resources to begin addressing my mental health in a way that is so personable and destigmatized. I truly appreciate the amazing work being done here and the awesome psychiatrist that has been helping me. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a mental health service provider who meets you where you are, truly without judgement and treats you like a human being while helping you grow.
Wonderful experience from scheduling to post appointment phone call. I am truly happy I found this place to help me heal Dr. Sheri is an amazing listener and takes all of your information ro make an informed diagnosis that allows her to create an individualized treatment plan.
Since coming under Dr. Sheri's care, my mental health has made a 180-degree turn. She has called to check on me multiple times between appointments and has had me come by so that she could personally keep an eye on my blood pressure while we worked to get my medications right. It is with 100% confidence that I recommend that anyone struggling with mental health make an appointment with her today!
Dr. Sheri is amazing! I am so thankful for her knowledge and her kind soul.
Sheri is very supportive, and easy to talk to. She understands how to treat her patient. Been a real blessing.
Very professional and helpful
Amazing Help!
The office is calming and Sheri is excellent at listening to your concerns
Easy to talk with, friendly, and a comfortable office environment. Scheduled an appointment with 1 days notice!
Sheri is a wonderful provider. She truly lietens and cares for her clients. She always provides meaningful input. I would highly recommend her.
If you need someone to listen to you, then work on a plan to improve your situation, Sheri McRae is your person.

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mental health gap?

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